Welcome to Team Devizes – Moonrakers Athletics Club

We aim to train young athletes who wish to attend our sessions whether they wish to compete in their chosen events or not.  We train at Devizes School; indoors in the school gym during the winter and outside on the school track during the summer.  We have two main groups:

365 Group

365 Group

This is for boys and girls from age 8. The 365 group work towards England Athletics Awards across all disciplines with an emphasis on fun and learning the basic techniques required across the disciplines.



Athletics 365


Middle/Senior Group

Progression from the 365 Group to this group will depend on factors including:

Senior Group

  • Ability
  • Age
  • General fitness level
  • Regular attendance, good behaviour and effort in training
  • Vacancies in coaching group


Athletes of 16 or over should contact us to discuss the most suitable coaching / training arrangements for your particular situation.

Athletics Officials

Maybe you couldn’t run a four-minute Mile – but maybe you could time one? Maybe you haven’t the arm to send a Javelin eighty metres: but maybe you could measure that sort of throw? Maybe you aren’t able to help at training due to work commitments but could do the odd weekend at an event. We need officials of any level of experience or of none (we can arrange training.

If you are interested in working as an official or helper at some of our meetings, please let us know.

Coaches and Coaching Helpers

The more coaches we have, the better a service we can provide to our athletes. For those with no coaching background, there are basic-level coaches’ courses available: human qualities are more important than athletics skill for these. If you think you can do this enjoyable and satisfying job, contact us.