AGM 2017

Minutes of the Team Devizes (Moonrakers) Athletics Club AGM

18th October 2017 @ Devizes School Gym Two – 6:45pm

Present: Dan Chitty, Col Carter, Stuart Otway, Emma Townsend, Marcella Heyes, Simon Ross, Sue Ross, Grace Clay, Roger Clay, Matt Thomas, Lesley Thomas, , Michelle Cox

Apologise:  Coaches training with athletes – Sam Cox  Others:  Sarah Bogert, Dave Bogert, Mark Owen


The meeting was opened by a welcome from Matt.

Minutes of previous AGM

Copies of Previous minutes were available for all present to review.  No matters were arising from previous minutes.

Proposed: Sue Ross
Seconded: Matt Thomas

Presentation of annual Report (Chair)

See attached report

Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)

A full report was handed out and is attached to these minutes.

Lesley informed the meeting that White Horse Federation have put up the fees by £12 a night, we are doing our best to cover this but it is going to mean we may have to be tougher with fees being paid in advance to ensure we have money to pay the monthly bills.  Mr Ross asked if we have a contingency for families who cant pay this way.  It was agreed that in these cases we would be inclusive and allow weekly payments

Mr Carter informed us he was on the board of trustees for the Whitehorse Federation and would enquire as to whether we could have a reduction as a community club the federation may be keen to support the club.  Lesley to email details of price rises etc to Mr Carter.

Mrs Heyes asked whether the club would be able to purchase any more vests, as when we were at Bath the children struggled in vests that were too big and it looked bad on the club.  Matt agreed to research to find another supplier.

It was suggested that the club look into sponsorship again to provide new vests.

Mr Ross asked what equipment had been purchased last year and what the plans were for the next year.  Lesley replied with a list of equipment bought:  hurdles, hammers, discus, vortex, stop watches, bands.  Equipment is purchased as needed.

Election of Management Committee

Chair Person – Matt Thomas – proposed by Michelle Cox, Seconded by Dan Chitty

Vice Chair – Sam Cox –proposed by Matt Thomas, Seconded by Colin Carter

Secretary – Michelle Cox – proposed by Lesley Thomas, Seconded by Simon Ross

Treasurer – Lesley Thomas – propoed by Matt Thomas, Seconded by Colin Carter

Welfare Officers – Marcella Heyes agreed to continue with the role.  Colin Carter agreed to take on the role of the male officer.

Adoption of Constitution

Matt confirmed there were no alterations to the existing Constitution and it was adopted in its entirety with the agreement that a copy would be attached to the minutes when emailed out and added to the Facebook page.


Mr Clay asked about future opportunities to compete.  Dan Chitty listed a range of Open events that are normally scheduled and then offered to take up the post of Fixtures Secretary.  He will draw up a list and ensure details are placed on the Facebook page for all events.

Matt proposed holding our annual Quad Kid event on a Saturday instead of trying to cram it in to an hour and a half on a Wednesday evening.  Those present agreed it would be a good idea, Mr Carter thought the School would be supportive and allow us to use the facilities on a weekend.

Meeting Closed: 7:18pm