AGM 2013

Minutes of the Team Devizes (Moonrakers) Athletics Club AGM

23rd October 2013 @ Devizes School Gym Two – 6:45pm

Present: Kate Sharman, Sue Ross, Sarah Mountford, Louise Dennis, Robin Ault, Dave Bogert, Sarah Bogert, Wiz Headlam, Mark Owen, Melanie Taylor, Penny Hatchman, Geoff Brewer, Debbie Bennett, Nicky Theobald, Karen Williamson, Keri Harnett, Michelle Cox, Lesley Thomas, Katriona Richardson, Chris Wrigglesworth

Apologise:  Coaches training with athletes – Sam Cox, Ian Harnett, Matt Thomas, Alister Bisatt, Will Howarth.  Others:  Colin Baross, Derek Drewitt, Pippa Bark, Felicity Maton


The meeting was opened by a welcome from Keri.

Minutes of previous AGM

Copies of Previous minutes were available for all present to review.  No matters were arising from previous minutes.

Presentation of annual Report (Chair)

See attached.

The report was adopted as a true record of the clubs previous year: Proposed by Lesley Thomas and seconded by Katriona Richardson.

Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)

See attached.

Adoption of Accounts

The accounts were adopted as a true record;

Proposed by Keri Harnett, Seconded by Michelle Cox

Election of Management Committee

Secretary – Michelle Cox – proposed by Katriona Richardson, Seconded by Lesley Thomas

Chair Person – Keri Harnett – proposed by Michelle Cox, Seconded by Katriona Richardson

Treasurer – Lesley Thomas – Kate Sharman, Seconded by Keri Harnett

Welfare Officers – Katriona Richardson and Christopher Wrigglesworth Proposed by Sarah Mountford, Seconded by Michelle Cox.

The following people agreed to become committee members: Sarah Mountford, Sarah Bogert, Karen Williamson.

Adoption of Constitution

Keri confirmed there were no alterations to the exsisting Constitution and it was adopted in its entirety.


Geoff congratulated the club on its website and the work that had been done to update it.

A discussion was held about developing facilities and holding our own events.  It was decided to look into hosting either Chippenham or Marlborough next year as a small key event.  Many of the parents are happy to support and help at an event.

Meeting Closed: 7:15pm