AGM 2012

Minutes of the Team Devizes (Moonrakers) Athletics Club AGM

19th September2012 @ Devizes School Gym Two – 7:30pm

Present:  Lalu Carter, Christopher Wrigglesworth, Liz Wrigglesworth, Claire Davis, Donna Bryar, Katriona Richardson, Robin Ault, Sarah Mountford, Lesley Thomas, Carol Brewer, Kerri Harnett, Michelle Cox, Matt Thomas

Apologise:  Sarah Bogert, Claire Weyman, Geoff Brewer

The meeting was opened by a welcome from Keri.

Minutes of previous AGM

Due to the fact no AGM was held in 2011, the minutes from the 2010 AGM were reviewed.  No matters were arising from the minutes.

Presentation of annual Report (Chair)

See attached.

Presentation of report from Secretary

See attached.

Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)

See attached.

Following presentation of Accounts, a discussion was held regarding the facility fees and options that the committee had discussed in the past to try to reduce these.   The issue of storage was also discussed and a request for ideas was left open for people to respond via email.

Adoption of Accounts

The accounts were adopted as a true record;

Proposed by Keri Harnett, Seconded by Katriona Richardson

Election of Management Committee

Secretary – Michelle Cox – proposed by Keri Harnett, Seconded by Lalu Carter

Chair Person – Keri Harnett – proposed by Michelle Cox, Seconded by Christopher Wrigglesworth

Treasurer – Geoff Brewer to continue in this post until a replacement can be found.

The following people agreed to become committee members: Katriona Richardson, Christopher Wrigglesworth.

It was agreed to email all parents with dates of committee meetings to allow them the opportunity to attend meetings.


Carol thanked Michelle and Keri for their efforts for the club.

A discussion was held about athletics meets and how parents know whether their child should compete.  It was agreed that the best course of action was to talk to the coaches who would happily feedback information individually.  It was also agreed to continue to email parents of all athletics meets that the athletes would be eligible for allowing parents and athletes to choose if they would like to compete.

Meeting Closed: 8:10pm

Next Committee meeting: 17th Oct 2012 @ The White Bear Devizes, 8:30pm